Yatai Bar

“It doesn’t matter. IT DOESN’t MATTER! He used it as a jumping board!
The Jaguar’s higher and it’s too late for Warheads.
And he… lands an elbow, MIDAIR!”

「あぁーっとなんとー、踏み台に使った!もうこの高度ではウォアヘッズには無理だ!ジャガー高い。ジャガー高いぞ!そして空中で… エルボー!」

“The two falling straight down, and BOOM! Onto the arena like a meteor!”
“Oh man! Oh man… listen!”

“Jaguar, Jaguar!”

“There ya go, hear the fans shouting? Rising Jaguar’s insane Ping Pong jump maneuvering in midair. No match, absolutely no match even with those boosters. Just unbelievable.”




“Those updates are too heavy man.”
“Warhead’s always been like that. It’s the parts, not the fight.”
“They need to calibrate it better for the match. I mean it looks cool, but.”
“The sponsors like it. I’ll have another one Tencho.”
“Yeah me too. Oh and some barbecue tusks.”

Men sit at the counter of the yatai bar at night drinking as they follow the arena fights over the monitor screen.

The announcer’s voice continues excitedly .

“Looks like one of the wings is bent. I don’t think the jets are gonna work anymore. The strategy has to change for Lord Of Warheads now, and the Jaguar’s crouched again. He’s ready to strike.”

“You want some of my tusks Baker?”
“… maybe.”





「… そうだな。」

Baker lights a cigarette and adds to the smoke filled air Salamander had already created.

“The Jaguar’s grabbed it! He’s going to pull it down to its knees. The beast tamer, mojiu jiu-jitsu!”

“They’re gonna stop it before the hit points hit zero.”
“Yeah, well that’s obvious. I just wanna see a good match.”

“Oh my gosh look at all that smoke! It’s so colorful. Sal! How many are you smoking now? That’s cra-zee.”

Polygon walks up from the neon night scene stretched across the bar.

“How you want it babe?”
“Cooked rea-lly good. Really good with ginger. Please.”

Tencho turns on the blow torch as she prepares to barbecue scarbo(mutated rabbit) tusks.