PROTOTYPE (film in progress)
A Storyboard Sequence from PROTOTYPE(a film in a Musical format with story, action, and music. )

“Wind Of Particles” ( for string quartet)「粒子の風」(弦楽四重奏曲)

Snowy Night – Grandma’s Christmas Carol
A Short Movie of a Grandma’s Unusual Christmas Story

Ensemble Sonata ’22 アンサンブル・ソナタ’22
Sonata written for a chamber ensemble in 3 movements. Premiered at the Christmas Eve service at St. Thomas Episcopal Church(Sunnyvale, CA), 2022.

Benjamin Belew / Sakagch Akeala
Paintings and Drawings from Life – Oil Paint / Pencil – Figures, Portraiture, Landscapes, Scenes, etc. Illustrations – Oil Paint / Pencil – Designs, Storyboards, etc. Music – Composition and Performance Stories – Original Scripts, Theatrical Plays, Musicals, Operas, Film, Directing, etc.