『MONSTER』an opera

2018 A Japanese-American Collaborative “Art Entertainment”
A Story in Akita-Han, Oga Peninsula


“an Oni has appeared…”

10/20(Sat) 1:30 PM(1:00 Doors Open)
Ito Hall –  Tokyo University
10/21(Sun) 12:30 PM(11:30 Doors Open)
Suda Hall – Akita International University

Lecture by Hideto Fujino
“Learning from History, Japan’s Power in Investing into the Future”


The time is late Edo Era, feudal Japan.

Ouĭ is the daughter of the great artist Katsushika Hokusai.

Like her father whose art leaves a great mark in the world influencing the likes of Monet and Van Gogh, she too possesses great talent and skill for depicting the ŭkĭyoĕ

Ouĭ is on a sketching trip up north in the Oga peninsula when she meets a local villager and hears about the recent appearance of a hideous onĭ called the “Nămăhăgĕ“.

The creature has inhabited itself in the surrounding mountains and has been raiding the village ever since.

However amidst this dire state, Ouĭ decides to go seek out and draw this monster.

Thus the “Nămăhăgĕ” legend begins… 


Ouĭ – (Soprano)

Kyoko Shimozaki
Kyoko Shimozaki

Hĭfumĭ – (Baritone)

Takashi Kanda
Takashi Kanda

Nămăhăgĕ – (Tenor)

David Banderas
David Banderas

Miyuki Kaida
Hiroko Takaobushi
Mayumi Takahashi
Reiko Matsumoto
Kuriko Maeki
Mami Nishida

Shintaro Yamamoto
Eri Hirano

Executive Producer / Lecturer
Hideto Fujino

Tai Hasegawa

Presented by:
Silicon Valley Stanford Akamon-Kai(Tokyo University)

Supported by:
Rheos Capital Works

Story / Script / Music /
Artistic Designer / Director / Piano
Sakagch Akeala
Benjamin Belew