PROTOTYPE (film in progress)
A Storyboard Sequence from PROTOTYPE(a film in a Musical format with story, action, and music. )

“Wind Of Particles” ( for string quartet)「粒子の風」(弦楽四重奏曲)

Snowy Night – Grandma’s Christmas Carol
A Short Movie of a Grandma’s Unusual Christmas Story

Ensemble Sonata ’22 アンサンブル・ソナタ’22
Sonata written for a chamber ensemble in 3 movements. Premiered at the Christmas Eve service at St. Thomas Episcopal Church(Sunnyvale, CA), 2022.

Easter Cantata 2023 イースターカンタータ 2023
Written for the Easter service at St. Thomas Episcopal Church(Sunnyvale, CA), 2023.

(Benjamin Belew / Sakagch Akeala)
Visual Arts(Oil Paint, Pencil, Photoshop, Clay-3D, etc.)
Music(Composition in all genres – Classical, Rock~Pop, Scores and Recorded medium with Logic, etc. Performance in piano and any type of keyboards – concerts/accompaniments/music directing, etc.)
Story Creating(Scripts for Videos, Films, Theatrical Plays, Musicals, Operas, Directing Works with Original Stories, etc.)