A Graphic Novel Musical

Set in a cybernetic dystopian future, the story takes place where state districts divided by walls bid cyborg fighters to represent them to participate in league fights. The outcome of each match affects the course of the districts with their subsequent position in both political and economical roles. People watch the matches as entertainment and to follow the welfare of their district’s future. PROTOTYPE is a Sci-fi musical with an 80’s synth rock style music with martial arts cyborg action.

Characters 登場人物

Yatai Bar 屋台

The Alley 路地裏

Komay Kah-me Dojo 米神道場

Mural On The City Walls 街の壁画

Maintenance Lab 研究所

League Fighters

Crimson Fort 紅ノ陣

Violet Fort 藤ノ陣