Mural On The City Walls

Almost every other step is coupled by splashes of water from the wet damp concrete streets. A runner is nearing a figure holding paint brushes looking at the city wall seeming to be contemplating about his work in progress.

“Aren’t you cold?”

The runner slows down, as she catches her breath and approaches him.

He replies.
“You’re not.”





With a small smile, she continues.
“It was a lot warmer under the…”

Standing next to Cyan, Prototype looks up at the floating aerial district in the sky. The gas emitting from underneath makes the grey winter air look denser.
“… them.”

“Yeah. But I don’t like going under them right now. It gets too crowded on the streets. You know, cause of the temperature. The guys and I, we all avoid it this time of the year, but mostly to time it with the cleaning bots.”

In the distance a bot is seen erasing the graffiti on the wall.

“I see.”

Without averting his stare off of the wall, Cyan asks.
“Have you been up there?”

Prototype looks up again at the giant machinery amidst the clouds.
“You mean there? I have.”
“What did you think of it?”
“I don’t know.”
“People I know that’s been there think it’s really nice.”
“Why? What do you think? Have you been up there?”
“I guess… I guess It’s clean and organized. We could use a little bit of that down here too, but I like it better here, I think. So what do you think?”

Prototype looks at Cyan, then follows his gaze to the mural he was creating.


「… 暖かかったよ。」





「… んー、きれいで整ってたかな。ここもちょっとは見習ってもいいとは思うけど俺は下界が好きかな。で、プロトどう思う?」


“I like it. Are they… fish?”
“Haha. I guess you’re kinda right.”
“Then what is it?”
“I don’t know it’s not done yet. Maybe I’ll tell you later.”
“Why? Come on. It looks great.”
“You’re not far off Proto. But I think I’ll tell you when it’s done.”

「すごぉい。あれ… サカナ?」