Sculpting in Progress: Making Leonardo Dicaprio as Leonardo Da Vinci


Leonardo Dicaprio as young Leonardo Da Vinci”

For me, the art of capturing realism is like a sport; it’s more about the process and learning instead of the expression. It doesn’t mean “not capture the expression of the subject“, but more like “it’s not about expressing myself as an artist“. That being said, I do like to be creative so I take real people and make them into fictional characters (I just realized that Da Vinci wasn’t fictional. So yeah, let’s say instead “what if he was Da Vinci”.).

Although I don’t think I will let him grow a beard like Da Vinci’s. I’m considering a shaggier cheek though.

So the hair… What do you think? I like the style. This is water based clay from Clay Planet, so right here after the shapes are sculpted I am applying extra water with a brush to smooth the forms out. I’m planning to detail it more.

Still lots of detail checking with the entire work after this. It becomes like a game of puzzling or construction.

So it’s back to “not necessarily expressing yourself”.
Being creative as an artist isn’t necessarily about expressing the persona of the artist.

Will show you when its completed.


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